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Please note that the Sloth Sanctuary is closed on Mondays!

Getting Here


The best idea is ask for a GPS in your rental car and before you leave the rental agency type in AVIARIOS DEL CARIBE and it will guide you right to our front door!!  If GPS is not available, ask your car rental agent to highlight the route from the agency office through San Jose to Highway 32 to the Caribbean (Limon).  Once you are on the highway, follow the big green and white road signs to Limon


Approximately seven kilometers past Limon, the road forks. You will turn left and come to a one-way bridge about 150 meters later. After this left-hand turn and continue on the road for about 31 kilometers. Just before our gate you will see two bus stops, one on either side of the road, with “SLOTH CROSSING” signs; a large sloth portrait, visible from the street, announces your arrival to The Sloth Sanctuary on the left hand side of the road. The metal gate is light green.

Driving time from San Jose is approximately 4 hours.

By Bus:

When traveling to Costa Rica you want to fly into San Jose. The airport code is SJO. If your flight arrives before noon it is possible to get to the Sloth Sanctuary before night fall. If the flight gets in after 12:00 noon, then you must stay in San Jose and get a transport in the morning. The drive from San Jose to the Sanctuary is 3 hours. Here is some information that should help you make a decision:


INTERBUS and EASY RIDE have lists of the hotels on their websites that they pick up from for your transfer to the Sanctuary and for your return to your hotel in San Jose.  Be sure to tell them that you are traveling to Aviarios del Caribe/Sloth Sanctuary, 30 kilometers south of Limón. If you are staying at a San Jose hotel that Interbus does not service, ask them for the closest place to your hotel they will pick up from and take a short taxi ride there. A hotel that is highly recommended is the Hotel Brilla Sol in El Roble, Alajuela, just 5 minutes from Juan Santamaria International Airport. Owners Flor Lopez & Luis Flores will pick you up from the airport when you arrive to Costa Rica and take you to their hotel for your first night, and the following morning they will take you to the Hampton Inn where Interbus picks up. Ask if Easy Ride picks up at Brilla Sol Hotel. It is a lovely little hotel and the rates are very reasonable, too!

Hotel Brilla Sol: tel: (506) 2442-5129/(506) 2430-5878, fax: (506)2443-5326

Transfer Bus Companies

Easy Ride:  or
Interbus:  or contact them at