Insider’s Tour: AM or PM

NICU with incubator baby slothsThe Insider’s Tour is the ultimate way to see and learn about sloths. You can take plenty of photos, but sorry, absolutely no holding, hugging or touching sloths. Available in English and Spanish, this 4-hour guided tour, limited to 6 participants and their guests, includes:

  • Visiting our “Slothpital”, or sloth clinic
  • Visiting the NICU to see the tiniest baby sloths in incubators
  • Seeing rescued baby sloths in the Nursery
  • Sloths climbing in the rehabilitation exercise area
  • Light breakfast (AM) or lunch (PM) in our dining area with Buttercup in her hanging basket chair.
  • Includes a guided river tour to see rainforest flora & fauna in a comfortable canoe with an expert boatman/guide. Note: From time to time, the water level of the river changes. If it’s too low or the current is overly swift, we’ll need to cancel the canoe river tour for your safety.
  • After your tour, weather-permitting, you’re welcome to walk along our well-maintained jungle trail, where you can see flowers, lush vegetation … probably even some sloths way up in the tree tops!
Personal guide on the Insider's Tour

Your guide will teach you about sloths & their behaviors

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, book your Insider’s Tour plus an overnight at our Buttercup Inn. Learn more here.

AM Tour

  • 7:45AM    Arrival time/Costa Rican coffee served
  • 8–9           Breakfast in dining area with Buttercup
  • 9-10          Join in with the Buttercup Tour
  • 10–11        Visit the NICU, Nursery, Slothpital, exercise area with personal guide
  • 11–12PM  Guided river tour in a canoe

PM Tour

  • 10:45AM   Arrival time
  • 11–12PM   Join in with the Buttercup Tour
  • 12–1           Lunch in dining area with Buttercup
  • 1–2             Guided river tour in a canoe
  • 2–3             Visit the NICU, Nursery, Slothpital, exercise area with personal guide

The order of your tour may be different, depending on weather or other conditions.

Need to know:

Guided canoe tour on the Rio Estrella

Guided canoe tour on the Rio Estrella

  • Requires advance reservation & payment. Book at Reservations held for 24 hours after PayPal invoice is issued. If unpaid after 24 hours, the space is released.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your tour for parking & check-in so other guests won’t have to wait.
  • Buttercup’s basket chair is behind a red cord. You may take photos of Buttercup, but for your safety, please do not touch Buttercup, even if she reaches toward you.
  • Maximum 6 participants per tour (unless family or friends traveling together).
  • Only one Insider’s AM Tour and one Insider’s AM Tour per day, Tuesday–Sunday.


  • Adults & children 11 and older: $150 per person
  • Children 5-10: $75 per person
  • Children under 4: free
  • Book at
Giant Ground Sloth statue

Salvador, a life-size replica of the extinct Giant Ground Sloth, greets visitors entering the Sloth Sanctuary.

Your admission/donation helps provide food, veterinary care and facilities upgrades for rescued sloths. It costs over $400 annually to feed one adult sloth, and $13 for just a single can of goat milk for one orphaned infant sloth. Thank you for your support.