Insider’s Tour

For Special Sloth Admirers

To make a reservation: Contact Us

Take a fabulous guided Canoe Tour on the Rio Estrella.

*The first part of your Insiders Tour begins with a lovely canoe tour with Cali, our expert boatman/guide. Cali  has been with us since the very beginning, nearly 40 years!! Take a relaxing, informative boat ride in a very large, stable canoe through exuberant riverine vegetation. See numerous river birds  along the way and perhaps our resident nutrias (Costa Rican River Otters).

The next part of the tour is our “standard” Buttercup Tour where you meet up with one of our Sloth Experts, daughter Ursula, grandson Jeff, or Claire, our delightful ‘permanent volunteer’.  Enjoy a delightful introduction to the wonderful world of the sloth.  Learn in-depth about these enigmatic animals through a short video and a talk about the history and importance of the sloth!

Orphaned Twin 2-Toed Sloths in the Nursery.

Next go for a private, behind-the-scenes visit to our Slothpital/clinic.  A personal guide takes you to meet our very special, permanent resident sloths and hear their stories. Visit the tiniest residents ; the ‘incubator babies’ – in the private nursery for special photos. Experience the  really sweet, warm and fuzzy feeling you get from these precious babies! Meet the Grand Ambassador of the Sanctuary, Princess Buttercup, for a lovely photo opportunity.

Insiders Tour – Choose 1 of 2 Options:

1. Breakfast Tour

  • Arrive at 7:45 – coffee
  • 8am to 9am – Breakfast with Buttercup
  • 9am to 10am – Buttercup Tour with other visitors
  • 10am to 11am – Behind the Scenes and NICU Incubator Babies Nursery with your own Personal Guide
  • 11am to 12pm – Canoe Ride with Cali

2.   Lunch Tour

  •   Arrive at Sloth Sanctuary at 10:45 am
  • 11:00 am to 12:00 pm – Buttercup Tour with other visitors
  • 12:00 pm to 1 pm – lunch with Buttercup
  •  1:00 pm to 2 pm – Canoe Ride with Cali
  • 2:00 pm to 3 pm  – Behind the Scenes  and NICU Incubator Babies Nursery with your own Personal Guide

Arrival time is your choice, and each tour includes either breakfast or a light lunch with Buttercup. The tour is approximately four hours duration. We are open for tours Tuesday through Sunday, closed Monday. We do only two Insiders Tours per day, so you must reserve in advance.

*The order of your tour may be different than described above, depending on weather conditions, etc.

Cost – Special Insider’s Tour- $150 per person-   To make a reservation:  Contact Us

Please note that the maximum number of people allowed on this special tour is 6 (unless you are a family or a group of friends) You may have other people join you on the tour to fulfill the maximum number of 6 if we get another request for this time slot. Our Insider’s Tours have become very popular and to secure your reservation we require payment in full. Upon confirmation that the time slot is available we will prepare and send an invoice that is payable through PayPal or by credit card.

 It costs $400 to feed one adult sloth per year. One can of special imported Goat Milk for the tiniest babies costs $10 and we use one can every four days or so, depending on the number of infants in the nursery.  Your generous contribution helps provide that food, veterinary care and more!

Cancellation Policy

We are unable to issue refunds for this special tour. If you are unable to attend your scheduled tour, we will make every effort to reschedule within 1 year of your original date. If you do not take the tour within that year, your payment will be considered a donation to the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica.