Insider’s Tour

Baby Ash peers out form an incubator in the NICU

Morning Tour
8:45AM arrival & registration

Afternoon Tour
12:45PM arrival & registration

Your tour includes all the fun and sloth info the Buttercup Tour (including gliding on the Estrella River to see rainforest flora and fauna). Then you’ll go “behind the scenes” to the Slothpital clinic and meet tiny baby sloths in the NICU/Nursery. Enjoy!

Duration about 3 hours

$150  Adult  •  age 19–64
$75    Child/Teen  •  age 6–18
$85    Senior  •  age 65 and +

n/c     Young child  •  age 5 and –

Offered Tuesdays through Sundays. Advance booking required. Please request your tour date using contact form below.

Need to know:

  • From time to time, the river’s level changes: if too low or the current too swift, we may have to cancel the canoe segment.
  • Guides are bilingual in English and Spanish. However, many of our boatmen only speak Spanish. We hope you’ll be patient if you have questions during the Buttercup Tour canoe segment. We take pride in hiring local staff to highlight this beautiful part of Costa Rica.
  • Though you will see sloths close up, only Sanctuary staff can touch or hold sloths. We understand that many sloth lovers dream of holding a sloth, but it is stressful and potentially harmful for a sloth to be held by a stranger. Thank you for understanding.
  • While most of the tour is on level ground, there are a few stairs, so if you have mobility issues, please let us know and we will assist you.


Gift Certificates for the Insider’s Tour:
Please email details to We will respond promptly with a PayPal invoice payable by credit card. Once paid, we will send you a Gift Certificate PDF for the lucky recipient. Valid for two years from issue date.

To cancel or change, email us right away at We will make every effort to reschedule within two years of your original arrival date, based on availability. If you cannot reschedule within that period, your payment will be considered a donation. Payment is final; no refunds.

Your admission/donation provides food, care and facilities upgrades for rescued sloths. Thank you for helping make this possible.


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$85 Senior (age 65 and +):

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