Insider’s Tour

NICU with incubator baby slothsInfant choloepus at the Sloth SanctuaryThe ultimate way to experience sloths in a small group (6 people maximum). Available in English and Spanish, this 4-hour “behind-the-scenes” guided tour includes:

  • “Slothpital” clinic
  • NICU—infant sloths in incubators
  • Nursery—rescued baby sloths
  • Rehabilitation exercise & outdoor climbing practice jungle gym (weather permitting)
  • Light breakfast or lunch with Buttercup™ in her hanging basket chair
  • View tropical lowland rainforest wildlife and plants from aboard a stable canoe with an experienced boatman/guide. From time to time, the river’s level changes: if too low or the current too swift, we may have to cancel this segment for your well-being.
Guide on the Insider's Tour

Learn all about sloths from an experience tour guide. Shown here: Marco.

>>> Guests who book the Insider’s Tour have the option to spend up to two nights at our onsite Buttercup Inn. <<<

Breakfast Tour

  • 7:45AM          Arrival time/Enjoy some Costa Rican coffee!
  • 8–9                 Light breakfast in dining area with Buttercup™
  • 9–10                Join in with the Buttercup Tour
  • 10–11              Visit the NICU, Nursery, Slothpital, baby jungle gym (weather permitting)
  • 11AM–12PM  Guided river tour in a canoe

Lunch Tour

  • 10:45AM         Arrival time
  • 11AM–12PM   Join in with the Buttercup Tour
  • 12–1                 Light lunch in dining area with Buttercup™
  • 1–2                   Guided river tour in a canoe
  • 2–3                  Visit NICU, Nursery, Slothpital, baby jungle gym (weather permitting)

The order of your tour may be different, depending on weather or other conditions.

Because your tour includes a light breakfast or lunch, please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requests (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, no added salt, etc.)

Need to know:

See the rainforest from a new perspective

Guided canoe tour on the Rio Estrella

  • Maximum 6 participants (except family/friends traveling together).
  • Requires advance reservation & payment. Use form below to check availability. Reservations held for 24 hours after PayPal invoice is issued to you. You do not need a PayPal account to pay by PayPal.
  • Take plenty of (non-flash) photos of sloths during the tour, but sorry, no holding or touching sloths.
  • Just one Breakfast Tour and one  Lunch Tour given per day, Tuesday–Sunday.


  • Adults & youths ages 13 and older: $150 USD per person
  • Children age 5–12: $75 USD each
  • Age 4 and younger: no charge
  • Payment is final; no refunds. If you need to cancel or change your visit, email us right away at We will make every effort to reschedule within two years of your original arrival date, based on availability. If you cannot reschedule within that period, your payment will be considered a donation to the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica.

Your admission/donation helps provide food, veterinary care and facilities upgrades for rescued sloths. We thank you for helping make this possible.

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