Your tour at the Sloth Sanctuary directly supports our mission of care for injured, orphaned and abandoned sloths, plus research about their species and promoting rainforest conservation. Choose a tour:

Buttercup Tour: Click for details

A comprehensive, interactive introduction to sloths, their habitat, physiology and behavior. Duration: 2 hours

Advance booking not required.

Insider’s Tour: Click for details

This tour is the Buttercup Tour plus a special “behind the scenes” segment to see the Slothpital, Nursery and NICU. You may see infant sloths eating, sleeping or even outdoors on the jungle gym, depending on scheduling. Duration: 3 hours

Advance booking & payment required, please.

NO PETS! NO MASCOTAS! Please do not bring your dog. Do not leave pets in car or tie up outside.
Service animals welcome, kindly contact us in advance so we can explain regulations.