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As the first-ever sloth rescue center in the world, we are honored to be a source of  fascinating research into sloths and their rainforest habitat. In 1992, when the orphaned sloth that would grow up to be Buttercup™ was rescued and brought to us, there was little to no sloth information available. At the time, Costa Rican wildlife rescue centers and zoos did not even know how to advise us. We had to figure out for ourselves how to care for and raise an infant sloth. We learned by observation, veterinary assistance, trial and error to become a respected resource for science-based sloth information.

Becky Cliffe during her Sloth Backpack Project

Becky Cliffe attaches a backpack style monitor to a Bradypus at the Sanctuary

Rebecca “Becky” Cliffe, who was included in the “Meet the Sloths” series, spent five years here, collecting data and running a variety of experiments. Now back at Swansea University (UK), she has been analyzing the data.

Ryan Haupt collects hair samples at the Sloth Sanctuary

Ryan Haupt collects hair samples at the Sanctuary to support his paleoecology research

Becky will collaborate again with paleoecologist Ryan J. Haupt, who collected tissue, hair and nail samples at the Sloth Sanctuary  for his ongoing research.

We invite you to read more about their projects and how they expect this data will shape the future of sloths and their rainforest habitat.