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Sir David Attenborough meets Luis Arroyo and Buttercup - 2001

English Naturalist and BBC Broadcaster Sir David Attenborough filmed “The Life of Mammals: Plant Predators” at the Sloth Sanctuary in 2001.  View
Excerpt: “Attenborough says Boo to a Sloth”  View

Conservationist Jeff Corwin with Buttercup - May 2015Popular American conservationist Jeff Corwin filmed an episode from the Emmy® Award–winning series, “Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin” on site at the Sloth Sanctuary.  View

British wildlife TV presenter Nigel Marven filmed “Cruise Ship Adventures” at the Sloth Sanctuary.  View


“Meet the Sloths” by Animal Planet™ shot entirely at the Sloth Sanctuary.  View

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Lonely Planet:
Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica  Read

Daily Mail (UK):
“Real-life Zootopia: Meet the British student, 25, who has dedicated her life to hanging out with orphaned sloths”  Read
“It’s a long way to the top”  Read

Le Caméléon Boutique Hotel:
“Meet the Sloths on the Caribbean Coast”  Read

Headlines & Global News:
“Sloth Sanctuary In Costa Rica Helps Orphaned Sloths Regain Lives”  Read

The Tico Times:
“Costa Rican Sloth Sanctuary featured on new Animal Planet Series”  Read
“High tech backpacks key to saving baby sloths”  Read
“How Buttercup the sloth became a brand ambassador for American Apparel”  Read

“A Sloth Sanctuary is an adorable thing that exists, because the world isn’t completely horrible (video)”  View

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Marco Polo Young Line Travel:
“Abhängen und chillen” (in German/auf Deutsch)  Read

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