Q: Does the Sanctuary offer a volunteer / intern or graduate student program?

A: No, we do not offer a volunteer or intern or graduate student program. The primary focus of the Sanctuary is the rescue, rehabilitation, release and research of Costa Rican sloths.

The Sanctuary’s staff is 100% dedicated to our mission and our research-oriented focus requires their attention to scientific study in order to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Initial research confirms increased heart rates in sloths during interactions with non-familiar people. This was one of the key reasons why we chose to end our popular volunteer program in 2013. Although we enjoyed having volunteers at the Sanctuary and truly appreciated all of their hard work, we have documented a significant increase in our infant sloth survival rates since ending the program. The program will not be reopened in the future.

The Sloth Backpack Project and other research initiatives will provide valuable insight into the behavior of sloths in the wild and help guide the care for the Sanctuary’s sloths.