If I donate to the Sloth Sanctuary is it tax deductible?

We are not a 501 C3 non-profit corporation. What this means is that unfortunately your generous donations are not tax deductible.

Can you dedicate my donation or send a notice to someone that I have donated?

Yes, we can certainly send out an e-mail  notification of  a donation to a specific individual or party and it will include pictures of our resident sloths as well as information regarding the donor.  If you reside in the US or Canada, upon request we can also mail this acknowledgement via USPS.

Where is my donation money going? Does it go directly to the Sloths?

Yes, Every penny that is collected as a donation goes to the care of our sloths. Many of them come to us injured, abandoned or sick. Veterinarian and medical supplies are very costly and we desperately need and appreciate your help. For more info on where your dollars go click here.

Can I send medical equipment or supplies to the Sloth Sanctuary?

Please do NOT send used medical equipment, bandages , medicine, stuffed animals etc…  to us. We appreciate that people want to donate items to us. Getting things through customs is a very big problem. The items are usually heavily taxed and sometimes the tax is greater than the cost of the items. If we do not get to customs right away, there is a storage fee.  The only way we can accept donations is if you can physically bring them with you and hand deliver the items to the Sanctuary in person.

Is there anything that I can bring to help the Sloths when I come for a visit?

Yes! If you are coming for a tour or visit we appreciate it if you can bring us a couple of cans of MEYENBERG POWDERED (or INSTANT POWDERED) GOAT MILK in the 12 ounce cans. Unfortunately we cannot get this very special milk here in Costa Rica.  If you google MEYENBERG Goat Milk you will find the distributor closest to you. We use this for our orphaned baby sloths.