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Jewel recovers from a 90 foot fall! She got her name from the colorful bandages she wore to mend her broken arm.

Jewel recovers from a 90 foot fall! She got her name from the colorful bandages she wore to mend her broken arm.

The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, formerly known as Aviarios del Caribe, is privately owned by the Avey-Arroyo-Rochté family and is not recognized as a non-profit organization. The organization is dedicated to sloth rescue, rehabilitation and research as well as education. The Sloth Sancutary is set inside the 300 acre Aviarios del Caribe Private Wildlife Reserve. Aviarios del Caribe is legally classified as a wildlife reserve with the Costa Rican government and MINAET. Aviarios is dedicated to the on-going protection of this magnificent property and its unique inhabitants for future generations. Your donations allow us to continue our rescue and conservation efforts for these amazing animals.  If your travel plans include Costa Rica please plan a visit – Buttercup will be waiting!

In order to keep the Sloth Sanctuary operating we need your support. All money that is donated goes directly to the rescue, research, and rehabilitation of the injured and abandoned sloths. We also provide permanent homes to sloths that can not return to their natural habitat.  Please consider donating through our PayPal account.

Here is how we will put your dollars to work:

  • $10 pays for one can of special baby formula (or one 12 oz. can of Meyenberg Instant Powdered Goat Milk) that keeps one orphaned baby sloth’s tummy full for one week.
  • $20 pays for harvesting one 25 lb bag of fresh Cecropia leaves that feeds 17 three-fingered sloths for a day and a half.
  • $25 pays for two soft stuffed toys to act as a surrogate mother for the tiny orphans to hug as they would their mothers; even the adult sloths like a big stuffy to cuddle!
  • $50 pays for a new dog carrier used to transport injured sloths from the field to the Slothpital.
  • $100 pays for 18 sheets of X-Ray film to check for broken bones. “We do sometimes fall from our trees!” 
  • $125 or more-  Receive the DVD Boxed Set- “Meet the Sloths”
  • $150 pays for two bags of sodium chloride rehydration fluid which is given to every rescued sloth upon arrival to the Slothpital to prevent dehydration. $150 pays to plant an Almond Tree, a favorite food of our Choloepus.  In return, we will engrave your name, or family name, on a plaque of appreciation here at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica!
  • $250 pays for  a continuous supply of X-Ray chemicals, developers, fixers on hand.
  • $550 pays for enough veggies for one month to feed our two-fingered sloths : 360 lbs. of sweet potatoes, 1,012 lbs. of squash, 792 lbs. of carrots and 400 lbs. of green beans, all cooked with their nutritious peels left on, of course!
  • $1,000 will help toward the purchase (and shipping charges!) of an incubator for the tiniest babies to sleep, safe and warm.
  • $1,500 will help us reach our goal of $20,000 for blood chemistry and blood value machines.

No donation is too small and every penny counts!  Thank you so much for caring about  the Sloths of Costa Rica  – we appreciate your financial support!

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