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The next best thing to visiting the Sanctuary:
watching sloths on DVD!

Our sloths were featured in Animal Planet™’s wonderful TV series, “Meet the Sloths.” Now you can watch the 3-DVD set when you donate $125 US / $140 Int’l. Your gift ships via USPS Priority Mail®; delivery is included. Please provide address at PayPal checkout. We thank you for your support!

The Sanctuary is 100% supported by donations

The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica is privately owned by the Avey-Arroyo-Rochté family and is not recognized as a non-profit organization. The organization is dedicated to sloth rescue, rehabilitation and research as well as education.

We are located inside the 300-acre Aviarios del Caribe Private Wildlife Reserve, which is legally classified as a wildlife reserve with the Costa Rican government and MINAET.

Your donations directly support our conservation efforts and goes directly to the rescue, research and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned sloths. We also provide a safe haven for sloths that cannot return to their natural habitat because of permanent disability. Your donation is secure via PayPal. We and the sloths of Costa Rica thank you.

Examples of how donations make what we do possible:

  • $10: One can of special baby formula (or a 12 oz. can of Meyenberg Instant Powdered Goat Milk) that nourishes one orphaned baby sloth for a week.
  • $20: One 25 lb. bag of fresh Cecropia leaves to feed 17 Three-fingered sloths for a day and a half.
  • $25: Two soft stuffed toys that act as a surrogate for tiny orphans to hug as they would their mothers. Even adult sloths like to cuddle stuffed toys for comfort.
  • $50: A new animal carrier to transport injured sloths from the field to our veterinary hospital
  • $100: 18 sheets of X-ray film.
  • $150: To celebrate Earth Day each year, we plant an Almond Tree in honor of all donations of $150. As a gesture of thanks, your name is carved in a plaque that is displayed at the Sanctuary.
  • $250: A continuous supply of X-ray chemicals, developers, fixers.
  • $550: One month’s worth of vegetables to feed our Two-fingered sloths.
  • $1,000: Help toward the purchase of an incubator for the tiniest orphans and baby sloths.