Belle: Feeling better every day

by Sloth Sanctuary on 11/30/2015

Rescued Bradypus Belle in rehab on a treeBelle came to us in late April, a rescue from nearby Cahuita National Park. She was found alone in the forest and had a severe case of mange, covered in scabs. After several months of treatments, including vitamins to improve her immune system, this beautiful Bradypus is almost ready to join her friends on the jungle gym. Presently, she is in a special isolated area of the NICU and we have installed a climbing tree specifically for her use. Here’s sweet Belle today, basking in the warm (and healing) Costa Rican sun!

Belle llegó a nosotros a fines de abril, rescatada en las cercanías del Parque Nacional Cahuita. Fue encontrada sola en la selva y presentaba un caso severo de sarna, cubierta de costras. Después de varios meses de tratamiento, incluyendo vitaminas para potenciar su sistema inmune, esta bella Bradypus está casi lista para reunirse con sus amigos en el gimnasio de la selva. Actualmente, ella está en una área especial aislada en la UCIN e instalamos un árbol especial de escalada para su uso. Esta es Belle asoleándose (y curándose) bajo el sol Costarricense!

Halloween fun

by Sloth Sanctuary on 10/31/2015

Happy Halloween from the Sloth Sanctuary of Ghost-a Freak-ahh

The rescue of Stacy & Peggy: Part 1

23 October 2015

One of the Sanctuary’s core goals is raising awareness for sloths and educating people about the challenges they face. When a sloth is rescued and brought to us, a new chapter begins in the life of that animal. Just as when someone you know has a serious injury to recover from, the trajectory of their […]

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Sloth Day promo for lovers of the sloth!

20 October 2015

Celebrate by supporting the sloths, and we’ll thank you with our beautiful tote and huggable plush Bradypus!

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Donated digital X-ray heralds a new era of care at the Sloth Sanctuary

19 October 2015

We are thrilled to announce the installation of a new digital X-ray machine at the Sanctuary. This equipment takes the quality of medical assessments to an entirely higher level, and veterinarian Dra. Camila Dünner wants to share why this is such exciting news: “This digital X-ray allows us to see mainly hard tissue (bones), the […]

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International Sloth Day is October 17

16 October 2015

International Sloth Day was created by Foundation AIUNAU to increase awareness and conservation of these unique mammals and their habitat. While at the Sanctuary every day is focused around sloths, on October 17th we join the world in celebrating sloths everywhere and the rainforest that is their home. Happy International Sloth Day!

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The release of Ross

20 September 2015

The single most gratifying act at the Sanctuary is the release of a rescued, rehabilitated sloth. Take Ross, for example, brought to us on August 5th by a compassionate and swift-acting family in Filadelfia, Beverly, Limon. They had spotted a Choloepus in distress, limply hanging by one arm, entangled in a barbed wire fence. They […]

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Sloth veterinary care and surgery

30 August 2015

“We have the duty to act for the welfare of any animal that comes to our hands. Even more so if this animal was put in that condition due to the impact that we, human beings, may have caused direct or indirectly. Without knowing, [this little sloth] will contribute to generate more and better knowledge, […]

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Earth Day 2015 Commemorative Plaques are on display

30 August 2015

The Earth Day 2015 donor plaques have been unveiled! Judy Avey-Arroyo partnerd with our woodworking wizard, Donald, to create these onsite at the Sanctuary, where the triptych is now on display. We are humbled by our donors’ generosity and support of our organization and, foremost, our mission of sloth rescue, rehabilitation, research and release-and the […]

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Choloepus graduation day

30 August 2015

It’s back-to-school in many countries, but in our little corner of Costa Rica, seven rescued Choloepus sloths just graduated from the Sanctuary’s NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) to our Juvenile Nursery. An infant sloth cannot regulate its own body temperature for several months. In the wild, the mother protects the baby and keeps it warm […]

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