Sleeping Sloths!


How long do sloths actually sleep?

“Catching a few ZZZZZZ’s”

Every source says something different!

This is one of the most frequently asked  questions we get asked here at the Sloth Sanctuary and ………..the truth is no one really knows the answer!

There have been several studies looking at sleep in sloths (say that 10 times fast!). Every single study came up with completely different results. The studies claimed that sloths can spend anywhere from eight to twelve hours sleeping per day!
The most likely answer is that is depends on factors such as the geographical region, temperature and of course, the family of sloth you are interested in. We completed an in-depth research project here at the Sloth Sanctuary looking at the activity patterns of captive sloths. We were able to conclude that Bradypus sloths will only spend approximately 9 hours per day sleeping in captivity. The value for wild sloths is likely to be less than this. So in our quest to de-mystify the sloth…. sleeping is still a bit of a mystery!

We will keep you posted!

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