Visit the Sanctuary and take a tour to meet the sloths!
Two levels of tours to suit your travel budget:

BUTTERCUP TOUR  •  2 hours
Meet the famous Buttercup, visit the Nursery, learn about sloths and their habitat and take a guided canoe ride to see amazing rainforest wildlife and plants. Great for families. Up to 20 participants per tour.
Adult & youth age 11 and older: $30 USD
Child age 5–10: $15 / Age 4 and younger: no charge
8AM–2PM, Tues–Sun. Please arrive 15 minutes in advance to be ready at the top of the hour. No advance booking.
Baby Choloepus
INSIDER’S TOUR  •  4 hours
The ultimate sloth-fan experience: your small group (max. 6 guests) goes “behind-the-scenes” to see incubator babies in the NICU, the rehab climbing jungle gym, juvenile sloths in the Nursery, meet the famous Buttercup and much more, including a canoe ride to see the sloths’ natural habitat. A light meal is included.
Adult & youth age 13 and older: $150 USD
Child age 5–12: $75 / Age 4 and younger: no charge
Tues–Sun, 7:45AM (Breakfast tour) or 10:45AM (Lunch tour). Advance payment required. Book up to a year in advance.

>>> Guests who book the Insider’s Tour have the option to stay up to two nights at our onsite Buttercup Inn.

Tours: Tues–Sun; closed Mondays.
Buttercup Inn: Available Tues–Sat nights only. Check-in 2PM/Check-out 12PM. Book up to one year in advance with your Insider’s Tour.

>>> HOLIDAY CLOSURES 2015: 26 Nov | 24 & 25 Dec

LOCATION: How to get here

GPS Latitude 9.799565 Longitude -82.915112

Route 36, about 30 minutes south of Limon

By bus: Take the route called Limon-Cahuita-Hone Creek-Puerto Viejo. Ask the driver to stop at Aviarios del Caribe/Sloth Sanctuary. Look for our yellow sloth crossing sign at the bus stop near the Sanctuary gate.

By private van: An easy way to get from San José airport to the Sanctuary. Details here.


We rescue, rehabilitate and research sloths with the goal of releasing them to their natural habitat. Those that cannot be released (disability or lack of essential survival skills) are provided with balanced nutrition, veterinary care, exercise, socialization with other sloths. We are 100% funded by proceeds from our tours, gift shop, Inn and generous donors from around the world. Thank you for your support!

FAQ in brief | See full FAQ here
Can I hold/hug/touch a sloth?
Can I volunteer or intern at the Sanctuary?
Do you need veterinary help?
What should I bring/wear?
How can I learn more about sloths?
What can I bring to donate?
Media inquiries

Can I hold/hug/touch a sloth?
No. A sloth’s heart rate rapidly increases (tachycardia) from stress if held by strangers. They are also exposed to foreign microbes and allergens, which can compromise their immunity. For their well-being and yours, do not touch Sanctuary sloths or sloths being exploited for photos along the road as you travel in Costa Rica. See why here.
Can I volunteer or intern at the Sanctuary?
No. While we appreciate your interest, we cannot have volunteers at the Sanctuary, even if you have veterinary or animal training education. We had a program in the past but terminated it for several reasons—sloth health being the main concern. Details here. For other wildlife volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica, search for the most current offerings here.
Do you need veterinary help?
No. We have a full veterinary staff at this time and do not expect openings in the future. Thank you for your support and interest.
What should I bring/wear?
Purified bottled water to drink, rain gear, sun protection, a hat, closed-toe shoes. Weather details here.
How can I learn more about sloths?
We are working on developing an Education web page for teachers and students; it should launch before 2016. In the meantime, read our Research blog posts here.
What can I bring to donate?
Meyenberg® Whole Powdered Goat Milk & Bene-Bac® Plus Pet Gel in 15gm syringes are perpetually at the top of our wish list. Antibiotics that are necessary to fight infections also deplete beneficial bacteria that is vital for a healthy digestive system. We supplement antibiotic treatment with Bene-Bac® to optimize all medical procedures. Bene-Bac® is also given to all newly arrived injured or orphaned sloths to offset stress.
Media inquiries
We request 60 days’ advance notice to film at the Sanctuary and/or interview founder Judy Avey-Arroyo or other Sanctuary staff. Email project details and requested date(s) to

Phone +506 2750